The MassHealth 2023 ACO program requires all participating PCP sites to attest to a “tier” designation ranging from 1 – 3. Tier designation reflects the level of comprehensive primary care services offered at the practice. In the fall of 2022, each participating PCP practice attested to meeting at least tier 1 by July 1, 2023. Participating primary care practices will be asked to re-attest to a Tier annually. 

This page serves as a central repository of resources to help practices meet their tier requirements.

General Resources: 

MassHealth Tiering Tracking Grid:

This updated version of the MH Tiering Tracking grid includes the requests from MassHealth from the 2023 Tiering Audit. We encourage practices to use this as a tool in preparation for the 2024 Tier Audit.

10.27.23_MH Tiering Grid

ACO Tiering Office Hours: 4th Thursday of each month

Recordings and Slides: 

MH Tiering Office Hours 11.30.23

MH Tiering Office Hours 10.26.23