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Medication management in acute and chronic diseases is increasingly complex, and medications are a growing component of health care spend in the United States. Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and opioid addiction claim thousands of lives and cost patients and health care organizations billions of dollars every year. The evidence-based use of medications is essential in improving patient outcomes and managing the total cost of care. By focusing on improving patient outcomes and minimizing total cost of care by promoting high-value, evidence-based pharmacotherapy, the Pharmacy Team supports Beth Israel Lahey Health clinicians through collaboration on the development and implementation of tools, programs and best practices to optimize medication outcomes across patient populations.

At the Beth Israel Lahey Health Performance Network, we recognize this challenge, and the role pharmacists play in addressing it. That is why our pharmacy team, as part of our Clinical Excellence division, collaborates with providers and other clinicians across the network. Together, we evaluate and support high-quality, cost-effective medication use as part of a value-based delivery system.

Our goal is to improve patient outcomes, reduce health care utilization through proper use of medications, and minimize total costs of care.

How we support providers

Education and Resources

We continuously develop initiatives and educational programs to promote efficient, evidence-based medication use and assist providers in navigating patient-specific medication selection.

Medication use, patterns and spend analysis

We work closely with our analytics team to understand medication costs, utilization and prescribing patterns. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians then partner with stakeholders across the network in using this data to create programs that minimize prescribing variations and optimize the appropriate use of medications.

Medication management, quality and high-risk patient support

We are proud of our close working relationship with primary care and specialty clinicians throughout our network. Together, we work to find efficient, effective uses of pharmacotherapy to meet individual patient goals while improving widespread patient outcomes and reducing total medical expenses.

In close collaboration with other members of the health care team, our pharmacists and technician navigate resources to improve medication access and adherence, and help optimize medication regimens to improve therapy outcomes.

Systemwide collaboration

We support patient-centered as well as population-focused care and partner with system pharmacy programs to enhance medication analysis and management across the continuum of care. We work closely to align communications and support medication management activities throughout the Beth Israel Lahey Health system.