On Feb. 21, Change Healthcare disclosed a cybersecurity incident affecting several of its systems and services. BILHPN has engaged payer partners to explore ways to support providers during this period of disruption. Find updates here.

The cornerstone of the Beth Israel Lahey Health Performance Network is our comprehensive and interconnected system of clinicians who provide patients with high-value care and work collaboratively to help bridge gaps in care delivery. To foster this system, our Referral Management team develops and maintains a dynamic specialist network and supports consistent use of this network by our providers.

Connecting our network

Patients and primary care providers alike expect the specialists they see to be highly skilled as well as accessible. Our Referral Management team works to ensure specialist communication and availability for both patients and providers. Better communication and access improves efficiency and patient satisfaction.

A focus on improvement

We believe that by understanding our network’s referral patterns and using this data to identify and distribute best practices, we help our providers act on opportunities to improve coordination of patient care.

We continuously analyze data to map referral patterns and activities, and we harness key performance indicators (KPIs) to help increase revenue, reduce risks, and improve patient outcomes.